Prof. Françoise Remacle

Director of Research, FRS-FNRS

Tel : +32 4 3662347
Fax : +32 4 3663413
Email :

PhD students

Manuel Cardosa

PhD student MECHANOCHEM, 2020-2023.

Tel :
Fax : +32 4 3663413
Email :


Dr. James R. Hamilton

Post-doc PDR MONACOMP, 2021-2023

Dr. Cayo Goncalves

Post-doc PDR attologic 2019-2021

Previous members

PhD students

Julien Stiennon

teaching assistant , 2019-2020

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Fax :
Email :

Stephan van den Wildenberg

Post-doc at UC San Diego in the group of Joel Yuen-Zhou.

Benoit Mignolet

Risk credit analyst, Dexia and Scientific Collaborator of the University of Liège.

Valérie Schwanen

High school teacher.

Gustavo Lugo-Preciado

PhD in September 2016.

Pavel Rukin

Renuka Ganesan

PhD in November 2013.

Fabien Dufour

PhD in September 2013.

Benoît Mignolet

PhD in April 2013.


Dr. Hugo Gattuso

Dr. Benoit Mignolet

Risk credit analyst, Dexia and Scientific Collaborator of the University of Liège.

Dr. Mikhailo Klymenko

Presently : post-doc at the Univeristy of Perth, Australia

Dr. Alessio Valentini

Post-doc FNRS, 2016-2020. Presently post-doc at Stanford, Todd Martinez group.

Dr. Kenny Bogeart

Post-doc EC project BAMBI, 2016-2017
Presently Post-doctoral Assistant, Department of Biology, Ghent University.

Dr. Shoutian Sun

Presently : Post-doc at the Louisiana Institute of Technology

Dr. Ana Ballester-Gaudet

CoFund postdoc, 2015-2017

Dr. Stefan Knippenberg

Charge de Recherches FRS-FNRS
Assistant Professor, Technical University of Copenhagen.

Dr. Ksenia Komarova-Vladimirova

Post-doc EC project MULTI 2015, DoE-AMOS, 2016-2017
P resently at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Astrid Nikodem

FRFC-FNRS post-doc
Presently Present Software engineer, AVL LIST GmbH, Graz, Austria, in the section "CDS - Multiphysical Systems".

Dr. Benoît Mignolet

Chargé de recherches FNRS, 2015

Dr. Barbara Fresch

Presently Assistant Professor, University of Padua, Italy

Dr. Tian Min Yan

Presently Researcher at the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute.

Dr. Daniele Pepe

Presently Post-doc at the University of Hasselt.

Dr. Tomek Kus

Senior Software Engineer at DNV GL, Poland.

Dr. Ganga Periyasamy

Presently Assistant Professor, University of Bangalore, India.

Dr. Yong-Hong Yan